About Us                               

So Precious is a charity dedicated to raising funds to support Neonatal, Maternity and Paediatric Services within Forth Valley NHS.  We want every child's experience of NHS Forth Valley to be swift, informed and successful.  We want their parents to realise that the facilities are available, equipment and resources are current and advanced in their diagnostic abilities and that So Precious work closely with NHS Forth Valley to achieve all of this. 

We act with integrity, passion, honesty and transparency at all times.  


  • We Need Your Help!

    We would love to hear from you if you can knit or crochet.

  • 7th Annual Fundraising Ball

    Tickets on sale now for our Annual Fundraising Ball at Dunblane Hydro on Friday 23rd November.

Getting Involved

Why not visit out knitting group ladies at Forth Valley Royal Hospital, they have a great range of hand knitted and crochet hats, cardigans, blankets and gifts all for sale helping to support so Precious, they can usually be found there on the last Tuesday of the Month between 11am-3pm.